Looking into the Christian world today we can see glaringly the menace of modernism affecting the church to the core , Everything is getting modernized to the tune of wordly approval irrespective of what God feels.


Even the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation has been modernized so much that its influence as well as its impact is no more felt in our land, though the gospellers are multiplying yet the sinners are increasing even in our so- called gospel chapels , churches and christian  centers.

The essence of the gospel is to save an transform sinners and thereby decrease the number of sinners in the community and bring godly impact upon the society . But we are living witnesse today that in most cases our gospel has lost its savour for its modernization problem.


In the teacher of the saving grace ,it is taught that we should live soberly ,righteously and godly in this present world or in this modern .[Titus 2: 11-12] Jude in his epistle advised the believers to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the sanits and to build up ourselves on our old fashioned gospel [Jude 3: 20]. Like in the case of Demas modernism had always been a threat to the welfare of true Christianity ,therefore every present day christian need to be aware of the modernism gospel and to avoid it .


Some  Definitions:

When we talk of the midern drama, we are talking of the drama that is tailored after modernism and wordly taste. Again the drama is that which countless on the fundamental truths of God’s word. It is the drama according to the leaders of view not according to Lord’s directive in His word .Like in the days of saul it is the drama according to the principles of the scriptures.


Characteristics of modern drama:

The modern drama can be identified by its fruit which are its characteristics. Any drama thatr has the characteristics enumerated below can be categorized as a modern drama.

-Its emphasis is on human satisfaction at the expense of other rather than God pleasure.

-Its is a drama that centers on materialism more than spirituality spiritual experiences, communion with God , growth in grace other things that enhances spirituality of a believers has no value to the modern dramatists so far the believer is increasing his material of financial wealth like the Leodicean believers and ministers [Rev 3:14-19]

-It focuses on earthly achievements more than making heaven. Heaven is not the goal of the modern drama as it was with the early dramatists.

-It is a dram of what to get from God and not what to give Him . it is the drama of rogues and robbers who hate God but love His blessings.

-It is a drama that promises success without sacrifice . it also promise crown without cross .it is the drama of name it and have it and claim it without any price to pay whereas some things will not happen without prayer and fasting no matter your faith [matt 17: 20-21]

-It is a drama that compromises its convictions and lowers its Biblical standards it is a sick and harry drama where dogs ,pigs and wolves claim born again without any exchange of heart nor transformation of life –[ezekiel 36: 25-27] it is a drama of no identification with christ..